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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meter


U-MAG Series electromagnetic flow meter can be used to accurately measure the flow rate of liquids which is electrical conducting caustics, and mixed with liquid and solids. They are widely use through out industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, Pharmacology, paper making, electric power, environmental protection and so on forth.

Measuring / Working Principal

Electromagnetic flowmeter follows the faraday law of electromagnetic induction. When the conductive liquids flow through the electromagnetic flow meter, the induce electromotive force will be produced in the conductor and the induce electromotive force directly proportional to the velocity of conductive liquid, magnetic flux density and width of the conductor (Inside diameter) of flow meter such induce electromotive force is detected by a pair of electrodes on the tube wall of the flowmeter, and the rate of flow can be aquired by mathematical operation.

Reference Standards

Design: API 6D
Dimension: ANSI B 16.10/B 16.5
Testing: BS 6755, Part-1

Technical Specifations

Caliber: Pipeline PTFE Lining 10 to 500mm
Excitation System: Constant Flux Sq. Wave Excitation
Installation from: Split / Integral
Lining: PTFE
Material of Electrode: SS 316L/ HC/ Tungsten Carbide
Medium: Conductive Liquid
Accuracy: 0.2%F.S., 0.5%F.S.,1.0%F.S.
Conductivity of Med.: >5uS/cm
Velocity: 0.5-10m/s
Pipe Connecter:Flanged(150#)
Temperature of Med: -10 to 120
Category of Shielding           : IP 65/67/68
Output Signal: 4-20mA Current/Pulse,4-20mA Pulse+RS484
Cable Interface: 1/2″ Female Thread
Communication: Rs485, Rs232
Power Supply: 220VAC, 24VDC
Type of Application: General/Waterproof Type


For accurate measurement and stable measuring of conductive liquid in closed conduit and slurry’s Instantaneous flow, total flow, batching mode, such as sewage water, life water, raw water, sea water, hot water, air conditioning water.


  • Electric power requirement can be low(24V) with pulse DC type.
  • These meter can be used as unidirectional meter.
  • They are practically unaffected by variation in velocity, pressure & temp.
  • They are capable of handling extremely low flow.
  • No pressure head loss in this types of flow meter

Sailent Features

  • Corrosion Protection
  • High Accuracy
  • Stable performance
  • Multi output interface(4-20) mA
  • No moving part
  • No noise , High level of ant vibration
  • No pressure loss

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