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Forged Gate Valves

Forged Gate Valves

Valves Testing In Kg/Cm2 (Psig)

Class 800#
Hydro Shell: 208 Kg/cm2
Seat Test: 153 Kg/cm2
Air Seat: 7 Kg/cm2

Size Range: 1/2″ (15mm) to 2″ (50mm)
Class 1500#
Hydro Shell: 392 Kg/cm2
Seat Test: 288.50 Kg/cm2
Air Seat: 7 Kg/cm2

Size Range: 1/2″” (15mm) to 1 1/2″ (40mm)
Class 2500#
Hydro Shell: 652.50 Kg/cm2
Seat Testing: 478.50 Kg/cm2
Air Seat: 7 Kg/cm2

Size Range: 1/2″” (15mm) to 1 1/2″ (25mm)

Design Features

Bolted/Welded Bonnet Construction
Rising / Non Rising Stem
Bore Type: Full Bore
Verticle/Horizontal Mounting
OS & Y Construction
Flexible Wedge Design
Renewable Seat Rings & Integral Seat Rings
Temperature -27℉C (20℉F) to 427℉C (800℉F)
Anti Blowout proof Stem
By Pass Arrangement for pressure control/regulation
Back Seat arrangement to provide isolation of Stuffing Box for On-Line serviceability
Leakage Class: IV

Technical Specifations

Design StandardAPI 602 / ISO 15761
Testing StandardAPI 598
Face to Face StandardManufacturer’s Standard
Socket Weld StandardASME B16.11
Screwed End StandardASME B1.20.1
Butt Weld StandardASME B16.25
Flange End StandardASME B16.5

Confirmity to Standards & Codes

General Design & Manufacturing:
API 602/ ISO 15761
Valve Testing: API 598
Face to Face Standard: Manufacturer’s Standard
Flange Ends Conformity: ANSI B 16.5
Butt Weld Ends : ASME B16.25
Socket Weld Standard: ASME B16.11
Screwed End Standard: ASME B1.20.1


Oil Refineries
Chemical & Solvent Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Process Industries
Gas Industries
Water Line Process
Steam Line
Power Plants & Common utilities
Flow Isolation & Regulation

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