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Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves


As per AWWA: C504
BS : 5155
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron , Cast Carbon Steel


Double eccentric, high performance type
Triple eccentric for light shut-off


Wafer type/ lug type in rating PN6, PN10
PN16, PN25, PN40, PN100, PN200, PN400
Flanged type in rating #150 #300 #600


Single body/ split body wafer type
Single body/ split body lug type
Single body/ split bod flanged type


Metal seal dampers (Leakage class II)
Metal seated tight shut off
Fire safe butterfly valve
Lined butterfly valve
Sanitary service butterfly valve

Sailent Features

  • Ideal for clean fluids and line size above 50 NB.
  • Tight shut off available.
  • Longer seat life with the end stroke adjustment of the actuator
  • Suitable for control duty.

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