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Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves


TypeWafer,Full Lug, Uni-directional Knife Gate Valve – Rising Stem Handwheel
Typical ApplicationsMedium & Heavy duty applications
Sizes available50-500mm (2″ to 20″)
Pressure rating Cast iron bodyCWP 10 bar, 50-300mm (2″ – 12″) size; lower on higher sizes
Steel/St. SteelCWP 10 bar, 50-600mm (2″ – 20″) size; lower on higher sizes
Face-to faceComplies with MSS SP-81 (upto 900mm (36″) size)
DrillingTo suit ANSI 150lb,AS 2129 Table D & E, DIN PN10 (others on some sizes)
Material availabilitystandard; others on request
BodySteel, stainless steel (304, 316)
Gate304, 316 st. steel
PackingPTFE syntex fiber standard; others on request
Seat / LeakageMetal-to-metal – As per MSS SP-81 (upto 500mm (20″) size
 Resilient seats – EPDM, Chloroprene, Viton – Zero leak
 PTFE – Max leakage of 4cc/min/inch (upto 600mm (24″) size
SuperstructureSteel, epoxy painted
HandwheelCast iron, epoxy painted
Pneumatic actuatorsIs available

UNITECH-Knife Gate Valves provide reliable and long life on a variety of tough applications including corrosive and abrasive services. Key aspects like operating loads, ease of operation, service conditions etc. are considered in its design and construction to ensure long and maintenance free service life. Through continuous process improvement our products are competitive enough to meet the global requirements. UNITECH Knife Gate Valves are designed for isolation, on-off and throttling application.

  • Wafer type, compact design.
  • Heavy duty single piece & two piece body, rigid construction.
  • Stainless steel gate, Self-cleaning, Beveled Edge, Precision machined for smooth operation Et optimum sealing.
  • A wide range of materials of construction.
  • Different actuators to suit the customer’s requirement.
  • Variety of seating options to suite different service conditions.
  • Manufactured Et tested in accordance with MSS SP -81 and rated for 10 Bar CWP (upto 900 mm).
  • Available in sizes 50 mm (2″) to 1800 mm (72″).

Knife Gate Valve has wide range of application as a shut-off valve in pipelines and hoppers. It is perhaps the only valve, which can be used in hopper isolation. The beveled gate cuts through the fluid by dislodging any material in the seating area. In a highly abrasive application deflector cone is used to prevent the body from direct impingement or abrasive media.
The Knife Gate Valves find application in industries such as Pulp Ex paper, Cement, Aluminium, Carbon Black, Fertilizer, Sugar, Coal Ft Mining, Power Generation, Ash Handling, Iron Et Steel, Sewage & Waste Water Treatment, Food and beverage etc.


The standard valves are provided with hand -wheel. The other actuators such as Chain Wheel, Lever, Bevel Gear, Pneumatic Cylinder & Electric Motor are available on request.
ACCESSORIES (On Request) :

• Deflector Cone
• Purge Connection
• Fail Safe System
• Locking Device 
• Manual Over -ride
• Extended Stem
• Proximity Switches
• Solenoid Valves
• Limit Switches
• Air Filter (Regulator)
• Chain for chain -wheel actuator
• Mating flanges & hardware


Body – Cast Iron IS 210 FG 260, ASTM A 216 GR, WCB, ASTM A 352, Gr. LCB ASTM 351 Gr, CF8 / CF8M / CF3 / CF3M
Gate – Mild Steel, SS 304, SS 316
Stem – SS 410, SS 304, SS 316
Gland Packing – PTFE
Special material available on request.


All dimensions are in mm, unless otherwise specified and are indicative only.
In the process of continuous improvement of our products, the data given herein is subject to change.
Please specify the required size, material of construction, type of drive arrangement (if any), flange standard and quantity clearly at the time of placing the order.

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